Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jessica Fletcher - the Grim Reaper?

it's an old show but my wife watches "Murder she Wrote" on Vision TV simply because there are so few wholesome type shows worth watching on tv period. she also has a favourite in "Monk".
the reason i bring this up is because Murder She Wrote is based on a premise that Jessica solves all these murders as they happen around her. first of all, who would want to be friends with this woman because everywhere she goes someone dies and usually a friend is implicated in the murder? seriously, how does she keep her friends? you've got to think that maybe one of these days she wouldn't be able to figure one out and some innocent friend gets sent to the big house.
secondly, why does death seem to follow her around? really, somebody dies every week around this woman. i realize that she's old but come on, nobody that i've ever seen or met has this much death running circles around them. it's like she's a black hole of death, who would want to be friends with that?
Jessica Fletcher is the Grim Reaper. well, think about it. have you ever seen them together? of course not.
it's kind of creepy that the show always ends with her and a big smile. it's a big smokescreen my friends. beware the Reaper, you won't see her coming.


Stainers said...

Yeah between her and that guy from 24, neither is someone with a lot of luck.

shallowfrozenwater said...

well, i LOVE 24 actually so it's difficult for me to run that show down. i suppose plenty of people do die but it's only bad guys who die at Jack's hand and it's never murder.