Thursday, June 3, 2010

building community

i've been reading some of your blogs. yes its true.
some of you folks are hill-hairy-ass. yes its true.
not as hill-hairy-ass as me but still hill-hairy-ass.

can you believe i just said ass 4 times? yes its true. given the fact that things get a bit wacky in my life sometimes then i'm surprised that the air around me isn't a lot bluer than it is sometimes (well actually, i've never been a huge swear word guy).

i read some of your blogs because ... i'm building my own little community and as i progress in my life i'm realizing the importance of community.
community is the reason we came to Winnipeg. we joined a church community that became and remains the best church experience of our adult lives. we sought out a place where we could live more honestly and then we tried to be honest about it all.

so i'm building more community so that i can continue to try to live more honestly. i read your blogs because i'm hoping to share in your journey and know of what pains you. then i hope that as i spill my own pain out that someone reads and understands. i'm even ok if nobody understands because i know its cathartic to process the things that happen to me.

pour it out on your own pages. soak it in when you're on mine. say something. build one another up or just say a little prayer.

be blessed. i know i am.


Al said...

I, too, am blessed.
There are different opportunities to build community, and I appreciate them all.

Lisa said...

This is great, Ian... thanks :)