Monday, June 28, 2010

juuuuuuuust a bit outside

i umpire baseball and this is a pic of what my mask looks like, kind of. take a look at the section below the chin. that protuding wire might've saved my life yesterday. a ball actually richocheted off the catcher, hit that throat protector and then glanced off the side of my neck. it was actually a bit scary ... although it didn't hit me really hard after 2 richochets ... but nevertheless, i don't ever want to be hit in the neck or throat area by anyone who can throw up toward 70 mph.

i'm fine. come to think of it, i wasn't even panicked about it enough to think about it after the game. i never did tell Wendy about it. honey, if you're reading this now then just realize that i remain as stupid as i was BEFORE i was hit in the head. i have good gear protecting me.

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anias blog said...

Sheesh - I'm glad you're okay, Ian! Why don't you try reffing something a bit tamer, like chess. Though you could get a wayward pawn in the eye.