Friday, June 18, 2010

where i am right now

the stress is palpable right now. Wendy has been in the hospital for 3 1/2 weeks and it's been hard for her. i'm not going to go into it because i won't be broadcasting her business out here like that.
work has been very understanding but the fact that i have a tonne of sick time banked makes it easy for my supervisor to tell me not to worry about it. it has meant that i work through my lunch and then go pick up Wendy for her series of medical regimen of appts every afternoon. that's something good for her so i don't mind all the chaffeurring required of me.
Wendy and i spent a couple hours together including an hour strolling the neighbourhood while i sucked on a Slurpee and we sauntered our way back to the hospital. we did that while it threatened rain the entire time but thankfully we stayed dry.
the extra stress has meant that i decided i couldn't work a baseball game last night and the assigner was a bit annoyed that i decided this, until i told him what was preventing me from doing this sort of thing. he understood.
D is getting baptized this weekend and he asked me to join him in the lake with him while he gets dunked. he's such a big kid and the woman who is baptizing him is about 2/3rds his size so maybe she'll need some help pulling him back up. i've often joked that we should be leave him under an extra second just to make sure that the baptism "takes" ... but that's just cruel right? blessings on you D. you're a good kid who is going to be a great man of God. i love you and it's an extreme pleasure to join you as you make this huge step forward in your christian walk alongside Jesus.
the LA Lakers are NBA champs and i couldn't care less.
there were HUGE losses at the World Cup over the last couple days and today Serbia (who i have in the pool) beat Germany to get in solid line for a 2nd round spot. i'm not worried about Spain but i'm definitely worried for France and maybe even Germany.


Al said...

Not much I can say except that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
And God hasn't forgotten about you either.

Lisa said...

praying for you and Wendy both, still... may you know deep peace and rest amidst trying seasons.

chris said...

I echo both Al and Lisa's comments.
Peace to you.

Steve Porter AKA: BibleDude said...

my wife, Betty went through stage 4 melanoma. it was tough on her. I was happy to spend whatever time i could with her. she is in remission now and the time spent with her now, means far more to me...even when we have a
We will pray for you... steve