Thursday, June 3, 2010

this is just a thought for Lisa

i've been thinking about Lisa because she is between jobs right now and ... part of my job is to help people find jobs ... so i began to think about what i knew of Lisa and what she could possibly do. i then thought of Food Grains Bank of Canada and i don't if its worth anything to you but they do have an Alberta Chapter. i have no idea if they're looking for anybody though ... just thought i'd mention them to you.

so i went exploring a bit on their website ... and they don't seem to be advertising for anything right now but that doesn't mean that a resume sent in to the right people would be a waste of time. you can contact them at if you like.

below you'll see a vid of Food Grains Staff and actually there are 4 people who attend our church community seen in that video. they are:

Jim Cornelius - Executive Director
James Kornelson - Public Engagement Coordinator
Stu Clark - Senior Policy Advisor (and also Grain of Wheat Servant Leader)
Dave Colvinson - Youth Engagement Coordinator

and the music was written by Mike Janzen who has 2 siblings attending our church community and is the fab piano guy of Steve Bell who also has strong connections to Grain of Wheat.

anyway, i don't know what that's worth to you but i've been thinking about this and how i could go about mentioning something like this to you. if you want a reference i know a couple people here.

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Lisa said...

hey - thanks Ian :) I will send a resume their way, just in case. I wouldn't have thought of Food Grains Bank, but yes, that's the kind of place I'd like to work (though I'll admit with some degree of guilt that after my last place of employment I'm feeling just slightly leery of working for Christians!)