Monday, March 7, 2011

redemption needed

i was sitting in church yesterday and was hit by how our lives and relationships get starved for redemption sometimes. my relationships need to be redeemed, my marriage needs to be redeemed and i need to be redeemed. i couldn't hold it in. i was sitting in the back of the room doing sound but i had to express it. i did what i rarely do in my community. i shared it. we have a sharing time every week and i don't recall ever standing to share with our community in the decade plus i've sat in that circle.

i said, "i just want to speak to the need for redemption ... in our lives ... in our relationships. i need redeeming. my marriage needs redeeming." and i sat down to weep within my own lostness.

many showed their support for me with loving words of encouragement and hugs while i tried to contain myself.

Alicia, thank you for the hug. Nathan, thank you for the prayer. Ed thank you for encouragement. Lloyd, thank you for your concern. Tim, you inspire me.

Lord have mercy.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Ian, here's another hug for you. Thanks for your courage to share. Love you and praying for you. LF

Craig said...

Took a lot of courage to share that my friend.

A hug from me too - and I will give you a real one when I see you next.