Monday, April 20, 2009

Colorblind but not colorless

i found this in my search for bloggers i might like to link to and i found this on waving or drowning?. you might want to go check him out and i've already linked to him on the side here. now he didn't do this up (at least i don't think so) although it could be since i don't know him as anything more than a fellow pilgrim on the journey.

thanks to Matthew for a little education on how to embed.

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matthew said...

to the right of the video on the youtube page, below the description of the video, you are given 2 choices (URL & Embed).

If you highlight the entire line next to embed (the thing that starts with object width=), you can just add that to the HTML draft of your post (when you're posting you can be in edit-HTML OR compose mode, top right)

Boy, I made it sound pretty difficult, but if you see the right words on your screen, it's pretty simple :)