Wednesday, April 8, 2009

tight chest muscles

my chest is tight ... and not in a good way although i am pretty buff and yeah, i am pretty smoking hot for an over the hill married dude with too many lbs, failing hearing and creaky knees. ok, maybe i'm not so buff after all. last week i woke up several days in a row and my back was really sore. i didn't do anything about it though and now i think my chest muscles are trying to compensate for the sore muscles in my back. then again, i do have a history of anxiety so it occurred to me that it might be a version of a panic attack. i do have some stress in my job and Wendy has been ill and out of work for the last couple months, so maybe it is anxiety and stress.
neither of those options was the first thing that popped into my head over this. i was wondering about angina actually but i'm still a relative kid and i don't think i should be having heart trouble at 42. y'never know though eh? i talked to a nurse friend who advised me to go get checked out and an EKG, not sure that i'll be doing that soon though.
anywho, i'm going with the compensating for the sore back excuse for why my chest feels tight. if my doctor reads this you might not be too surprised to see me sometime soon.
if i'm being an idiot and my days are numbered then know this, Wendy gets everything including the rare coin collection without a single rare coin amongst them.
no, i'm not being morbid, it's just some tight muscles. i hope.

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