Saturday, April 4, 2009

Play Ball!!!!!!!

man do i ever LOVE baseball. few people around me have anywhere near the same passion about it that i do. i may be the biggest baseball fan you know. the game is poetic. it's beautiful. it combines individual achievement and team outlook in a wonderful balance.
did you ever see the Al Capone scene in "The Untouchables" where DeNiro waxes poetic on baseball just before he does the Gallagher watermelon trick on some croney's skull with a Louisville Slugger? the purpose of the scene wasn't to wax poetic but that's exactly what happened.
did you ever watch "Bull Durham"? that's a truly classic baseball flick. there are several baseball scenes worth seeing including "you don't F#$@ with a winning streak", "breathe through your eyelids", and "nobody knows what to get Jimmy and Sissy for a wedding present" but one of my all time fave scenes when Costner spends 30 seconds talking about the difference between a good hitter and a GREAT hitter. he points out that a handful of hits in a season can make you a multi-millionaire.

tomorrow is Opening Day. tomorrow is also the start of Holy Week. hmmm, maybe Holy Week carries some extra meaning for me this year. yes i love baseball that much.

may all your ground balls have eyes ... unless you're a pitcher then may all your ground balls have leather attached.

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