Monday, April 6, 2009

Jesus Flickfest 4

it was the season of Jesus Flickfest 1 when my buddy Craig invited me to go check it out with him. we went to see the old classic "Life of Brian" and spent the evening chuckling our way through an old favourite (always look on the bright side of life). it was the last night of Flickfest but i got a gander at the sched and i knew that i had missed a good chunk of something. that was the beginning of an annual lenten culmination every year since that time.
since that time i've enjoyed everything i've seen in the several hours i've spent there. 2 years ago it was the thrill of the John the Baptist character in "Godspell" and last year it was making it all the way through "The Passion of the Christ" and being absolutely enthralled with a South African feature film "Son of Man" that completely blew me out of the water (several times in several different viewings). i've also sat my way through Willem Dafoe as Jesus in "The Last Temptation of Christ" and wondered what all the (we) evangelicals were so put out about back in the day.
it's exciting to me. i post the brochure in my cubicle at work and my co-workers probably get tired of seeing the thing there.
right now my plan is to go see something on Wed and Thurs nights (although Wed might not work since we have our seed group meeting) and i want to spend as much time as i can on Friday and Saturday. if you're in Winnipeg and want to go check it out then it'll be at Knox United Church just north of Ellice at 400 Edmonton St. if you're there then say hey, i might be in the audience with you.

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seriously, go check it out. you won't be sorry.


bill said...

hi Ian
thanks for the comment on the blog. Matt Page, the UK blogger at Bible Films Blog is looking for folk to post comments about the flickfest on his site. [] - thought you might be interested. Hope to see you again soon

shallowfrozenwater said...

last night was the first night and i took in "Bob Dylan - The Jesus Years". it was 2 hours of talking heads and it was easily 45 mins in before you even see a PICTURE of Bob Dylan but in the end it was worth it. good to see peopel get worked up about all the change and Bob is definitely controversial. the youtube link should take you to "Slow Train Coming", a phenomenal tune.

shallowfrozenwater said...

night #2 was a great flick called "Peter and Paul" with Anthony Hopkins as Paul who was just captivating for a solid 3 hours. i thought they made Peter's character a little weak and there were some occasions when i thought "uh, what's this? i didn't think it happened anything like this". it's no matter, it's not like i was there when it happened.

shallowfrozenwater said...

night #3 was actually a triple feature.
i saw Rossellini's "The Messiah" and thoroughly enjoyed it. the buildup before getting to the story of Christ was excellent and i could certainly see the social aspects of the gospel as Rossellini purposely pushed the dialogue in that direction.
next i saw "Mary" which is an interesting flick about the place of Mary Magdalene and how some of the lesser known gospels talk about salvation as one let's the light from within make them a better person. Juliette Binoche starred in it and i absolutely LOVE here, but i think there should've been more storyline with her. it's said to be a flick in reaction to Gibson's "Passion of the Christ".
finally i saw "Son of Man" for about the 5th time. this is a FANTASTIC flick about the African struggle and where the way of salvation is seen in light of their struggle. the music is beyond phenomenal and the end will be completely wipe you out! i love this movie and i wholeheartedly encourage everbody to go check it out ... again and again.