Thursday, April 9, 2009

take this bread

it's a phenomenal concept that revolutionalizes the world. Jesus uses the elemental to meet the spiritual. the one who called himself the bread of life tells his friends to take this bread and in doing so they are to remember Jesus. so they in turn offer this bread and say remember me ... and the elemental meets the spiritual again.
there is real power and value in the eucharist. the command is too often left at the table though and that is half-measure. we have an abundance of the elemental and yet it doesn't get offered around. the church was the first welfare agency and they have polarized in another completely different direction so that the feast becomes about individual wellness.
when we take this bread, what are we to do with it? it has to be more than personal wellness, more than fire insurance. we often just take our gift of grace, say our little prayer and remember Jesus ... but where is the real action? where are we take this bread? who is to get this bread?
food issues are global issues. we can feed every person on the face of this planet if we can only get away from our own egocentric spiritual myopia.
i heard a story today about Bob Dylan. it has been said that he'd leave a venue after doing one of his concerts and he'd pull his hat over his eyes, lower his head and step into the dark of an alley with his hand stuck out. allegedly he'd do that so that he wouldn't be noticed but just imagine the surprise of anyone who practiced a little random act of kindness to the least of these. here's an autograph for you brother, wanna sit down for a cup of joe? that'd be cool.
where do you take this bread? where does the elemental touch the spiritual for you? it has to be more than "thanks be to God", cross yourself and say a little prayer. there HAS to be more than that.
take this bread. give this bread. live this bread.
today is Maundy Thursday, the day before Good Friday. get out of your upper room and take your bread with you.
where is Holy Week changing your life? what is it doing for you ... today. take this bread my friend and live it out. give it out.

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Craig said...

This is a fascinating blog you have going Ian. I look forward to reading it regularly. Not that I didn't read the hockey one, I just seldom knew what you were talking about (!!)

See you at the fest.