Thursday, April 2, 2009

if you're reading this...

you may remember that i wrote a fantasy hockey blog and i moved it over to and it continues there. i've decided that i might have more to say though about other things so i'll resurrect my original blog and i just won't call it a fantasy hockey blog. if you want fantasy hockey blog then go ahead to my blog over at or you can see some of my other work at or
yes, i think i'm writing for enough sites. this'll be for me and whoever else wanders upon it. i'm keeping the name though, i like it. the other blog will also have the name but i'll talk a LOT less about hockey and/or sports here. or maybe i won't.

so ... welcome back. there'll be more when i have something to say.

1 comment:

Craig said...

hey - glad to be back and seeing you blog again.
I'll check in and see what you're up to periodically.