Thursday, September 17, 2009

i want to be a better man

we had seed group last night and Wendy and i led the group in a Mark Heard tune. we played our guitars and i was nervous. i'm the Mark Heard fan among the two of us and Wendy humours me on this topic so that we went with something that i enjoy. she allows things like that often and we do what i enjoy more often than we do what she enjoys.
i've been thinking about my marriage a lot today and i've decided that i want to be a better man. don't get me wrong, i basically like me and i'm not depressed, i just want to be a better man. i want to be more attentive, i want to hang out more and do stuff together. i want to invite friends over and play a game and i want to go for bike rides just as soon as i get my wobbly back tire working again.
i want to hear her. i want to see her and be enthralled with whatever has her attention. i also don't want to annoying, i want to be cute and playful and that can be a fine line sometimes.
i just want to be a better man, a better husband, a better friend. i love you Wendy.


Don Hendricks said...

A noble desire, reached in fits and starts, but with a consistent trajectory she will notice.

Denie said...

It sounds like falling in love all over again.... :)

David Kirk said...


tracey said...

you've inspired and encouraged me to be a better wife. not a bad way to start a weekend. : ) thanks.