Monday, September 14, 2009

a little child shall lead them

let me tell you about Em (not her real name). she's a special needs girl in our worship circle. she's 10, and she speaks volumes to me although i've never heard her utter a word.
she's enamoured with beeps from my watch. she loves to watch the piano player do their thing during worship. she strums at the strings of any guitar left to stand while the service isn't going on. she dances. she blesses. God uses her mightily.

i love it when Em decides to go wander around a bit during worship, because she does this little 2 step as the music moves along and the people praise.
i once saw her stand right behind the piano player and put her little hands on his shoulders as he played, i actually got a bit weepy as i prayed with her and blessed our piano player. it doesn't matter to me that she probably just wanted a better view of what was happening, that moment shoved me to pray for our people and i wouldn't have done that in that moment if i hadn't been "spurned on" by a little sweetie.
i firmly believe that God uses little incidents like this to speak to His people. Em works mightily in our ranks as we are sensitive to the little things that God is doing in our own hearts. i've worked with people with special needs in my employment history and there is no doubt in my mind that certain people see much more easily through the veil to God than others do. it could very well be that Em has a connection to God that i'll never have, and so i'll definitely be watching this sort of stuff to see if there might be something behind the veil that is brought to me by a different angel.

i've been considering this for some time now and this past Sunday morning Em came into worship with Mom and Dad in tow and as she sat down she was tapping her temple with her finger like she was saying, "are you thinking about what's going on here?" now i'm not saying that every little innocent move by an innocent child should be dissected for spiritual truth, i'm just saying that what if God is trying to get my attention and he's using a little one to do it? am i open to that? you bet your bippie i am.

Father i pray a special blessing on Em, let her life be filled with joy, and peace, and love. let me be as open to blessing, as open to beauty as she appears to be. let me take time to 2 step, to strum a guitar, to watch whirring numbers and listen to beeps on a watch. teach me to stop and enjoy. i pray this in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
bless you Em and thank you.


Dusty Chris said...

She knows God in a way that we can not comprehend. Bless you for posting this. I have a special needs son who has never spoken a word but lights up when praise and worship is playing.

Lisa said...

a dear friend of mine has always said that the best lesson she ever learned on prayer was from a child... loved reading this... thanks for the reminder to see Jesus and be challenged by those where we wouldn't always be looking

David Kirk said...

How close these little children must be to our Father's heart! Thank you for sharing!