Saturday, September 5, 2009

what matters more to you?

i had a pretty interesting discussion about Christian music on this blog not so long ago and it's generated some extra traffic as other blogs linked to it.

have you listened to this tune? stop reading and go listen to it if you haven't.

this song is being censored and the label didn't release it with his album, he had to release it through his website. wanna know why? he uses the word "damn" in the song. honestly, that's the reason. the subject matter of the tune talks about Christians who hate on others because of their sexuality but it's getting censored because of the "D" word?
damn, damn, damn.

first of all, Christians need to stop with all the hate. i saw this one blog post at Emerging Thought in Montana where this one pastor was advocating that all gays be killed and my reaction to that, this is what someone thinks is Christian? this is not Christian. Jesus isn't a hater, and neither should you be.
let me go a little further though. this tune is an excellent tune but ... it won't get into the hands of as many people of faith because it's being censored for using damn. people who need to hear this sort of message won't hear it because we're a bunch of Puritanical PRUDES.
ease up brothers. let him (or her) who has ears, let them hear.

so what matters more to you? your hate or your faith? because the two are in opposition.


Dusty Chris said...

The Christian Taliban is alive and well...How different are they than the Pharisees that Jesus constantly blasted? May grace, mercy and love overcome ignorance, hatred and arrogance...

shallowfrozenwater said...

couldn't agree with that blessing more Dusty

Don Hendricks said...

I did not hear a damn, but a "give a shit". Very edgy video, great music behind the message.

shallowfrozenwater said...

yeah, the D is in the first verse and the S is in the 2nd verse. i just plain forgot about the S when i was writing this up but i just figure it enhances my argument. which is more important?

Michelle said...

Not that I'm a prude or anything, but...God wants us to think on things that are pure. I don't think listening to a song that has the word SHIT in it is going to help me achieve that. Whatever is pure, whatever is holy, think on these things. As far as hating people because they are gay, not a fan of that. However, I do disagree with the Lutherans who want them to be clergy. but that is an entirely different story. What I dislike (I can't listen to this song right now. My speakers aren't working) about christian singers is they try to be too worldly to attract followers. That isn't Christ like either. Jesus didn't do things to be popular. He did them because He and the Father were in step with each other and He came to save the lost from their sins. He calls us to serve Him. I don't know...there is a fine line between that and just swearing. Plus I can't hear the take my comment for what its worth.

shallowfrozenwater said...

i thought long and hard about what you had to say here Michelle, and i don't disagree. i want people to feel free to express their opinion, and i'll express mine.
all forms of art are meant to inspire or provoke toward action and that's what this tune is designed to do. it's a bit of indignation toward people who treat other people with what i can only label as hate. i know that when i get worked up i probably use some words that i shouldn't use either and i go overboard sometimes too. in this situation though i'd be willing to throw a few D's and S's and maybe even an F-bomb or two in order to wake someone up to injustice. i think of "I desire mercy, not sacrifice" in those moments and the more important thing to point out here is the injustice toward someone else and not the purity of my speech (particularly if we're just talking about cultural norms anyway).
i'm most bothered by the fact that this message doesn't get out because of Christians' fear of cultural norms all in the name of pure thoughts. in reality people are saying that they would just rather cover over this injustice and let's not talk about it because they're put off by words.
i'm not trying to be insulting, i'm trying to show mercy toward folks who are having injustice thrown on them.

Ben of BenandJacq said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I appreciate your thoughts! ave a great day!