Friday, September 4, 2009

what's out there?

one of the great things about blog surfing is that you come across some REALLY cool things. there's some great stuff out there and if you're just willing to take some time then you can really pick up some great knowledge gems. i'm planning to highlight some great blogs during this go around of what's out there?

St. Aidan to Abbey Manor has been doing some interesting stuff including the vid that is just below. it's a 10 minute vid but i'm sure that you can take 10 minutes to discuss the problem of evil. it holds your attention too. i'll be looking for part II on his blog after he puts it up and i may even link to it again when it goes up (no promises however since i never know just how busy things get).

i guess i'd like my own blog to be a combination of the 2 blogs that i link to below. i want to be fun, practical and theological all at the same time.

i have been perusing Stuff Christians Like of late and i'm just astounded whenever i see a blog that has the readership that Jon has at this one. he regularly gets 100 comments on a blog post and that says to me that he's writing stuff that Christians actually do like because they keep coming back. his blog is very practical and quite humourous on a regular basis. i sent him an email this week and he was kind enough to go check out my blog and reply to my email. he's a busy guy so i appreciated the encouragement he fired back. he's worth the read.

i've also been perusing the internet monk on occasion for the same reason as above. his observations are much more theologically based but he's also getting like 100 comments on a blog post. he goes a lot deeper into theoretical thought, philosophy and theology than i would ever be able to go but he's also worth the read.

this post just plain made me misty. grace is a beautiful thing. i love it when people are sensitive to the whispers of the spirit, even when the whisper works situations so that it's like getting hit over the head by a sledgehammer.

as a guy who has struggled with an anxiety disorder through some of his adult life i followed a series of posts at The Christian Monist with some interest. it's about his own journey through this issue and how he came to get some help. Part I. Part II. Part III. Part IV. Part V. and Part VI.

it's different for everybody.


Kurt Willems said...

Thanks for sharing this video with me!

Dusty Chris said...

Ian, just be comfortable being yourself. You're good enough, you're smart enough and dogone, people like you. I enjoy readin your thoughts and looking at what you put out there. You're a blog worth reading.

shallowfrozenwater said...

that's great of you to say Dusty and it's really appreciated. i seem to battle with my self confidence sometimes. i know that i like me too and by that i mean to sound healthy and not all full of myself. i guess i'd just like to have a bigger soapbox but when i think about it, i'm fulfilled in my own little corner too.
hope i don't sound like a putz when i say those sorts of things.

David Keen said...

Thanks for the link - I wasn't planning to put up the other vid, but might do if there's popular demand. Just follow the link to St John's college on Youtube and you'll see part 2, plus all the other great stuff they're doing.

Like Dusty Chris says, just be yourself. I've tried being a 2nd hand version of other blogs, and it doesn't work. God's given you your own voice and your own personality, and that's part of the tapestry of the blogosphere. Sure 100 comments would be lovely, but most of us never get that. I'm thrilled if I get one!