Sunday, January 24, 2010

big game today

i make no bones about it, i watch sports. sorry if you think that it's not a very spiritual pursuit but some would say that the spiritual zeal that many (including me i suppose) put into their blogs is just another form of fanaticism.
today is a big day for one of my teams and consequently for me too. one of "my" teams has not been to a championship game of any sort since the '93 Blue Jays became the repeat World Series Champions. that's a long wait for me; a long wait just to get to SEE one of my teams in a championship game, to say nothing of actually WINNING a championship game.
i became a New Orleans Saints fan a decade ago now after they traded their entire draft in order to select Ricky Williams in 1999. it didn't work out so very well for them since Ricky had a plethora of issues over that time but when it happened i thought, "well, that takes guts so that's now my team". i hate bandwagon, fair weather fans so i wanted to take a team as "my" team that wasn't anywhere near the top of their game and i wanted to stay with them until they did get to the top of the game. it's been a decade that i've been watching and cheering for the Saints and it could very be that things start heading in their direction today.
the Saints have had a great season getting into December undefeated, becoming the #1 seed in the NFC, best offense in the entire league, an unsuspecting defense and a playoff win over the Cardinals to get to the NFC Championship against the Minnesota Vikings today. i live north of Minnesota so i'm surrounded by Vikings fans and i'm the only Saints fan i know up here.
who will win? well, the Saints are favoured but only barely. the Saints play at home where they're very tough to beat but unfortunately this season has shown that you can run the ball on the Saints and the Vikings have one of the most scary running backs in the league in Adrian Peterson. i'm picking the Saints to win but i'm also a believer. when i look at all that the city of New Orleans has had to endure over the last 5 years then i think that if you can't cheer for the Saints in this game then you have no HEART whatsoever.



Everett Bracken said...

I want the Saints to win today too. They are my third favorite team (behind the Bucs and the Falcons). I went to visit my great Aunt in New Orleans in 1984 for the World's Fair, and I have loved the Saints since then.

shallowfrozenwater said...

interesting that you list those 3 teams, they're all in the same division so they have to beat up on each other in order to succeed. i don't think i could pick 3 teams so closely linked together like that. to me it'd be like being a Blue Jay fan as well as a Yankee and BoSox fan and that just doesnt compute with me.

tracey said...

good luck to you & the saints! i'm not going to lie- i had to google the. logo - i had no idea. guess i could have been more patient & taken the time to read the blog before i googled...

Stainers said...

I tried to follow the NFL for a couple years. Joined a couple fantasy pools, and picked a team to cheer for.

In the end I just couldn't bring myself to find a way to enjoy the sport. So little actual action going on (I think it's something like 11 minutes that the football is actually engaged in play).

Not knocking the sport for other folks, but just not my cup of tea.

I tend to watch the Super Bowl with people just for the social factor though.

Mosaic Street said...

Okay so I am not a big football fan, but my son is. He was watching the game and I went in and sat down in the middle of the third quarter and he went on and on about how the Vikings were going to win. No I said they don't have a chance. Your crazy he says and why do you say that? Well look at them, the Saints have better looking uniforms, they are going to win. He laughed so hard and told me I was out of my mind. When they won I just looked at him and said I told you so...LOL So Go Saints!!!!! Yeah I like to make my kids think I'm nuts...:)

Krutches to R12 said...

I have to say my heart hurts a little for the Vikings. Been cheering them on all season. I was also pulling for the Cardinals as well. Now my general rule is to go for the AFC team and now into the superbowl I will follow that. Go Colts!!! It will be a great game I think.

shallowfrozenwater said...


had a little trouble sleeping after that game actually. i was very worried with the Vikings marching in the last 2 minutes but that interception was monstrous.
i'm a little annoyed that some Vikes fans around me seem to saying that they figured their team got that win stolen from them but it wasn't the Saints with 2 fumbles and 2 interceptions. yeah, the Vikes threw a lot of offense at the Saints but they could only take a tie into OT and then they just plain lost.
i'm thrilled!