Friday, January 15, 2010

i was miserable

i was miserable yesterday. i just felt like complete crap and several times i had the thought that i should just go home. i didn't though, i slugged it out. i had to deal with a difficult guy on the phone yesterday too ... but i managed to hold my frustration and figure out how to help him as best as i could.
we had discussed some difficult things in Seed Group the night before. really difficult things that i'm not going to go into here but i was having some real emotional difficulty and significant worry centered around the situation we talked about. its good to talk about those sorts of things but i find it very hard to talk about and more hard to know what i should do.
i went home from work at the end of the day and i shared with a member of our community who i just happened to meet on the bus that it was my plan to fall asleep in bed as the hockey game played. so i went home, i puttered around a bit, i ate supper which Wendy graciously made for me, i watched tv til the hockey game started and i started watching the game. the 1st intermission came and i did the dishes then had a shower so that by the mid-point of the game i was ready for bed and in bed waiting for the end of the day. it wasn't even 8 o'clock yet and i was in bed.
the hockey game ended in a shutout in favour of my Leafs so i was happy as i dozed off shortly after 10. Wendy went to a meeting so i was groggy when she came home but i remember going downstairs to turn the heat down overnight and i'm pretty sure i was asleep again before my head hit the pillow.
i woke this morning in a much better mood but it's amazing what an actual night's sleep can do for you. you should try that if you can. the situations haven't changed, i'm still worried and anxious about my issues but at least i'm well rested and the Leafs got a win. that's enough for now.

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tracey said...

sometimes i put myself to bed when i'm cranky, just like i did with my daughters when they were little. it is amazing what a good nights' sleep can do.