Wednesday, January 13, 2010

what's out there?

i've been thinking for quite a while now that a "what's out there?" is pretty much overdo so here ya go.

i've been reading more from a couple guys from the Victoria area whose blogs i found. mission is the point of impact. that was phenomenal. "We can spend a lot of time and effort trying convince people there was an impact...or we can live like there was, filling the impression it left. Mysteriously, when one takes less convincing."

have you seen Avatar? i did. another blog that i read actually referenced "A Canticle for Leibowitz" when he listed some thoughts about the movie and never having found anyone else who had actually read that book i was impressed by the thought. there's some good thoughts here.

pray for the country of Haiti. as if extreme poverty wasnt enough here's some hardship. one blog i found is drumming up some support to help World Vision help people in Haiti. Wendy and i support 2 kids through World Vision so i've known to be a decent agency.

maybe you don't like World Vision but do you have any issues with the Red Cross? give this idea a go then but i think it might only be for our American friends.

i've never met Everett ... but i like him. recently he's doing a series on why he's getting a tattoo and its got me thinking about getting one of my own. there are at least 3 posts to see and the link only takes you to the first one so keep exploring. i've been considering getting a wedding ring tattoo, any thoughts out there? really, any thoughts?

i've linked to this one before but i laughed out loud when i read this post at How to Write Badly Well since it's a pet peeve of mine when people use big words unnecessarily so they can sound all smarty-pants or whatever.

and that's just what i could find today. i'm sure there's stuff that i neglected over the last month or so that it has been since the last linkage.
be blessed my friends.

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Everett Bracken said...

Thanks for the love! I really like the idea of a permanent ring tattoo.