Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hockey Day in Canada

this post is not about hockey so don't just ignore it and move on to something else.

Saturday was Hockey Day in Canada so there were hockey stories and NHL games all day and evening on the CBC. for a guy like me i was in my glory. i LOVE Hockey Day in Canada. i just do.
Jen is one of my wife's best friends and Jen's "boyfriend" is David Francey who wrote and performed the unofficial theme song of Hockey Day in Canada. as far as i know Jen has never met David Francey but she calls him her boyfriend because she LOOOOOOOVES him. i'm not sure how her husband feels about this whole thing and i don't know if i have the jam to ask.
this song and this video pretty much completely represents the hockey culture in Canada. it truly is completely loved.
David Francey won a Juno award for this album.

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tracey said...

very cool. can't wait to move home this summer & be part of it all again.