Thursday, January 7, 2010

she's the big 4-0 today

wow, did i ever get this wrong. i thought about it afterward and not only is she not 40, she's actually 42. where is my head?

ignore the two geeky pics on top and cast your eyes on the one at the bottom. that one at the bottom is of me and my little sis. we're at camp and i think she's about 14 or so, maybe 15.

she was always more mature than me even though she was never older than me. she was pensive but if you got past it she was and is a ton of fun. that's not to say that i don't like pensive because i'm much more pensive as an adult, she got to it much faster than i ever did though.

Happy 40th my dear little sister Tammy. BB. TK. you were always there for me and the many km's that separate us never take away from the fact that i love you.
may all your years be as fabulous as your best years.

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