Thursday, February 4, 2010

Holy CRAP! a talking snake!

why wasn't this Eve's reaction? seriously.

interesting that the reaction of some people is that animals must've been able to talk up until Genesis 11 when the Tower of Babel came along or perhaps until Noah and the ark. i read that stuff and just blinked undeterminedly. really? some people actually think the snake talked?

the first 5 books of the Bible are believed to be written by Moses (traditionally anyway) ... and ... well he's a bit removed from creation. he'd only have oral accounts of history as handed down from parent to child for millenia. and Moses wasn't even trained on Hebrew history, he was educated in an Egyptian court. who says that Genesis doesn't have an Egyptian slant for the creation of the world? could be, animals talked in Egyptian mythology didn't they?

the snake didn't talk. there was no literal snake at all. it was history's way of bringing its own self to life by justifying its own existance.

does that change faith? uh, no it doesn't. we needed to know what sin was and how it got there and that's how we ended up with Adam and Eve. we needed to know who to blame for this mess so we blamed a snake, a woman and a man. from our concept of sin we came to a realization that we needed redemption and eventually we come to faith in a redeemer.

the snake didn't talk. there wasn't even a snake whatsoever.

and it doesn't matter ... we're still sinners. we're still foolish people who believe we know better than God and who do what we want even when we know better. i am not a heretic for saying this and i'm also not quite the liberal theologian you think i am. i believe in some things in a literal sense, i just don't see how Moses could lay out the story of the fall of humankind without relying on the oral tradition that was handed down from parent to child. lots of creation stories talk of fantastical things but they're also just trying to make a point.

Holy CRAP! a talking snake! i'm still chuckling.


anias blog said...

sounds like you're getting geared up for the next DNSS. Except that you will be missing for that football type event (the super something... cup? Sphere? I forget)

Oh well, you're forgiven cuz this post made me laugh outloud.


Ben said...

Could you also explain how Moses recorded his death in the same book?

shallowfrozenwater said...

well, i wasn't there but tradition also states that Joshua wrote the next several books so i would imagine that Joshua could've finished off the the end of Deuteronomy, or perhaps more.
i'm also fine with the idea that maybe some scribe from David's time wrote it all down i suppose. if that were the case then again they'd be relying on oral tradition again.

tracey said...

the snake didn't talk? next you'll be telling me angels don't have belly buttons. now i don't know what to believe. : )

David Kirk said...

I believe the snake talked ...

shallowfrozenwater said...

i'll defend everyone's right to believe what they wish for whatever reason they wish to. i also don't think it makes us any different that we believe this differently.
bless you my brother and thank you for coming by.