Friday, February 26, 2010

wearing my Canada jersey at work today

Ziggy Palffy? really? who wears a Ziggy Palffy Team Slovakia jersey at their workplace in Winnipeg Manitoba? well, i have 1 co-worker who wo-manned up and REPRESENTED today. there were sloughs of Canadian jerseys trolling around the office today and there was a lone Ziggy Palffy fan mixed in amongst them. Canada plays Slovakia for the chance to enter the Gold medal game at the Olympics tonight at 830 CST.

so i went to talk to her. i'm a big puck fan and i couldn't just ignore a complete oddity like this one.

"y'know Ziggy will actually be playing in that game", i said to her.

"really? i don't even know who he is but that's my team."

"oh, well he will be in that game but the guys you'll want to watch as a Slovakia fan would be Gaborik, Hossa and Jaroslav Halak. i'm most nervous about Halak having a great game and spoiling things for Canada."

"well, i'll probably watch a little at the beginning and then tune in for the end."

"oh ... well don't watch the end, you're not going to like the end."


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