Thursday, February 11, 2010

when you run out of things to blog

h/t to of Wool and Water and then later from of all the liars

Bold the ones that make you happy or smile.

1. Laughing so hard your face hurts.

2. Completing a successful project with a good friend.

3. Lying in bed and listening to the rain outside.

4. A bubble bath.

5. Seeing someone you love do something outstanding.

6. Making the winning score.

7. Being told you did an excellent job by your peers.

8. Sledding down a hill during a big snow storm.

9. Hitting the winning run in the bottom of the ninth.

10. Running your best time.

11. Hugging your dad or mom.

12. When your sibling says they love you.

13. When your dog jumps around because it’s happy to see you.

14. Finishing a good book.

15. Having flowers sent to you.

16. A clear day at the beach.

17. An unexpected present.

18. A surprise visit from a friend.

19. Seeing a falling star.

20. A beautiful sunset.

21. Finding a nest of baby bunnies.

22. Listening to music.

23. Solving a problem.

24. A hot air balloon ride.

25. Your favorite meal.

26. A new hobby.

27. A long distance call from a friend.

28. A hug.

29. Eating pizza.

30. A long, hot shower.

31. A spider web with dew on it in the early morning sun.

32. Reading under an electric blanket on a cold, rainy day.

33. Getting your driver’s license.

34. Having your face licked by a puppy.

35. A wedding.

36. A newborn baby.

37. Swimming the last lap.

38. Christmas carols.

39. Good grades.

40. Giving someone something they’ve always wanted.

41. Your team winning.

42. Watching a child open presents.

43. New pencils, supplies, and clothes on the first day of school.

44. Your first solo bike ride.

45. Chili dogs.

46. A kitten.

47. Climbing trees.

48. Watching the moon.

49. Running in the autumn leaves.

50. Relaxing with Saturday morning cartoons.

51. Playing the piano.

52. Sailing.

53. Dancing.

54. Fixing something that’s been broken.

55. Creavitity.

56. Football.

57. Slumber parties.

58. Friends.

59. Having someone tell you their most valuable secrets.

60. Colors.

61. Frisbees.

62. Being appreciated.

63. The first week of school.

64. The last week of school.

65. A great idea.

66. Plunging your hot body into a cool pool.

67. A thunderstorm.

68. Making someone laugh.

69. Walking on the beach.

70. Decorating a Christmaschanukah bush.

71. A job well done.

72. The quiet after a snow fall.

73. Making someone smile.

74. Singing.

75. A letter from a friend.

76. Hearing someone say, “I love you”.

77. Holding hands.

78. The first spring flower.

79. Loving yourself.

81. Breakfast in bed.

82. Snuggling.

83. The soft skin of a baby.

84. Having a wish come true.

85. Driving for the first time in your first car.

86. Getting an A on a test you thought you failed.

87. Finding out your crush likes you back.

88. Your first paycheck.

89. Your pet coming in your bed to sleep with you.

90. Getting a gift you’ve always wanted.

91. Riding a horse.

92. Riding on a Ferris wheel.

93. Rollercoasters.

94. Making something outstanding.

95. Walking on a cool autumn day.

96. Having a three hour long phone conversation with a best friend.

97. Having your plans turn out perfect.

98. Seeing your favorite item on sale for extremely cheap.

99. Being around optimistic people.

100. Seeing someone smile when they see you.

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