Wednesday, February 24, 2010


i say a LOT that there is not nearly enough validation in society. i had my performance appraisal at work this week (it went amazingly well thank you very much) and i reinforced that we can't have an environment where "i'll let you know if anything is wrong". not only are you required to tell people when something is wrong but you should also be telling them when they're doing it RIGHT.

a kind word of encouragement goes a LOOOOOOOOOONG way and face it, you're going to need that person down the road so ... help them along the path.

h/t to of Wool and Water. that was flipping amazing Dana, thank you.


Lisa said...

you totally beat me to it! This one is going to show up on my blog sometime in the next few weeks too, I think :)

Al said...

Thanks, Ian. That is a-mazing!
MUCH appreciated.

And it proves you aren't as shallow as you might want the rest of us to believe.