Friday, February 26, 2010

the passive aggressive me

yes Mr Bus Driver, that was me waving at you as you drove right past me standing at the bus stop. it's only -30 so i'll just run through the shopping mall under Portage and Main St so that i can get to the next bus stop and try to catch you there. i'm sure that my heavy winter boots won't slow me down too much and the 3 layers of clothing won't cause me to smell too badly by the time i catch up to you.

and yes i saw that you saw me. why is it that you were driving in the wrong lane anyway? and why is it that you didn't just stop so that i could jump in, i'm sure i could ask the one car who was between us to stop so that i could run on to the bus and get home 15 minutes earlier than otherwise.


maybe i should just get the bike back out but then i'd have to brave the same roads as you and i've already seen that it's not very accomodating out there.

at least you could've apologized when i saw you the very next day in the very same place. you didn't apologize ... but you did stop.

spring can't get here soon enough so that i can change my commuting habits.

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