Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a Lenten season

i'm not at all ready for Lent. it's a "sober" time, a time to reflect and to reach into depths that i'm not sure i have anymore (i'll point out that this is called SHALLOWfrozenwater).

i'm not sure what to do with my desire not to cut anything short in my life. in fact Wendy was saying yesterday that she feels so backward all the time that she should have a piece of chocolate EVERY day during Lent. that's how i feel too. i want everyday to be a feast day and i think i'll encourage Wendy to be doing that for the season.

for much of the last year i haven't given blood like has been my practice (i did go once) and the reason has been an emotional one. i've been feeling dry with little reserves and i haven't felt like i can afford to lose anything, not even a pint of blood even though in a physical sense there is no danger whatsoever. i do want to encourage anyone reading to give blood, it's a wonderful practice that brings life to any recipient. i just can't do that right now. i can't give anything up. that's also why i'm not giving anything up for Lent. i'll still be praying and i fast in my own way but i won't be dropping anything from my diet over this period. i also don't think i'm being anti-Lent, i'm one of the most sober people i know. i'm almost ascetic for much of the year and Wendy is pure ascetic.

our Lenten practice should be prayer, so pray my friends. lock yourselves away and seek God out. you WILL find Him. you WILL. if i were to give up coffee or something for 40 days or become vegan for a season then i'd certainly be miserable but i also think that i'd be no more closer to God.
Lent is about seeking God, that's what i'll be doing.

and now for your further enjoyment, you'll love this.

h/t to Ironic Catholic although i actually found it at Fellowship of the Travelling SmartyPants

or if you completely disagree with me above then let me encourage you to do something like this.

Forty Days of Water from Blood:Water Mission on Vimeo.

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Helen said...

I'm from FOTTSP (Fellowship of the Traveling Smarty Pants). I am glad you liked the video.
There is no harm in not being able to give up sweets, blood, whatever for Lent. Giving something up isn't so much the point as increasing the effort to become closer to Him. You know how God is calling you to be closer to HIm.
I was going to go for ashes today, but my husband has a very bad cold. Would I REALLY be closer to God if I let Hubby fend for himself while I got ashes on my head?
Tend to your relationship with God in the manner He is calling you to do so.
Have a blessed Lent.