Tuesday, March 16, 2010

daylight savings time

i'm always tired for a couple days after daylight savings time. i didn't notice it on Sunday morning but ... i slept in. i did notice on Monday but i still managed to get through my day. today i'm just beat. coffee isn't helping.

i suppose the good news is that i'll be on vacation in just under a couple weeks from now but still, i'm finding it tough slugging today.

my wife pointed out that i have to renew my driver's license too so that'll mean that i can't go volunteer at the men's drop-in today. bit of a bummer.

pray for me. i'm tired and i'm finding that some of my responsibilities are just grating on my nerves.

i started to learn a new tune on my guitar yesterday, i'm excited about that. i can't find an embed to throw on here so you'll have to make do with a URL of David Francey.


1 comment:

David Kirk said...

Yep, I slept much of Sunday afternoon myself.

I didn't know Canada did daylight savings time. You have taught me something new.