Saturday, March 20, 2010

we rented 2012

interesting flick actually. i think Wendy hated it.

Woody Harrelson in the crazy guy cameo role. sweet.
i love most John Cusack movies.
Danny Glover as the President. he doesn't go on the "ark", no politicians make it on to the ark and some a$$ of a bureaucrat speaks for the US? it'd never happen. never happen. there's no way that they'd completely suspend their constitution so that some a$$hat would lead their nation like that. what President wouldn't continue to lead his nation?
they crammed so much science into it in an attempt to create a story line but they just plain lost me. i had to watch it a 2nd time just to catch the nuances and it's not like this is such a classic that it demands to be seen more than once.
Tibetan welder figures out a way to sneak people on the ark and that ends up saving everyone since the right people are in the right place to clear the hydraulic problem that inevitably comes about.
the new North Pole after the earth shifts on its axis is somewhere in Wisconsin. some might argue that Wisconsin is already a veritable wasteland, why do you think they are known for beer in Milwaukee? there's nothing else to do there but drink beer.
they build the arks at the roof of the world (near Everest) so that they can ride the killer wave that's demolishing the rest of the world.
Russian dude behaves like a tool for 2 hours, deserts his girlfriend rather than take her with him and then redeems himself by getting his two sons on the ark with a selfless act. unfortunately the 2 sons are also tools but the selfless act turns them into nice kids in their grief. whatever.
the plane scenes as they fly out whatever city their trying to get out of were WAY cool. i'd hate to think that something didn't blow up right and then they have to go and do another take (that was a joke people).
"like this cup you are full of your own wisdom and speculations, to see the light of true wisdom you must first empty your cup." the master Tibetan monk sure looked like the Dalai Lama. it wasn't but that's exactly what they were going for.
the new homeland is Southern Africa. interesting in light of how the world has neglected Africa for so long and then it's the cradle of the new civilization.
it's not like the movie is supposed to be that believable anyway. disaster movies are supposed to be fun. i'm not sure i want to go into the actual 2012 though.

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