Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i am a Christian. i'm sorry.

this gave me chills. there are a couple F bombs thrown in here, so be aware.

h/t to Jesus needs new PR


Everett Bracken said...

I watched this last night, and I it is pretty powerful. So may people need to hear that from "us."

Al said...

That is powerful.

Like Don Miller (Blue like jazz), he understands what apologetics should be.

anias blog said...

Provocative stuff - as are some of the comments left at the other site. It is always interesting to hear how the blogosphere (is that the right term?) responds to such a thing.
On first viewing, I was like, yikes - he's dead on about how we are perceived. Then reading a longish, and intelligent comment about it, I'm see the other side as well (don't apologize for being Christian).

So as usual, I find myself wobbling on the fence. Not such a bad place, as you can be fairly humble if you think you might fall on your ass at any moment.

thanks for the post, Ian.