Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary to me!

i actually don't know what i want to do with this idea. technically i passed my 2nd anniversary of this blog on Sep 30, but it's not the same either. originally this was strictly a fantasy hockey blog and i blogged about hockey for several months before getting noticed by a hockey website. i moved the fantasy hockey thing over to and i kept the name, because i liked the name. after a while i decided i had more to say so i resurrected this blog so that i could delve into other issues.

occasionally someone from the hockey history happens across this blog. in fact if you did a google search for shallowfrozenwater you'd see some hockey stuff right up front and you'd be chanelled over here if you clicked on it. i figure that someone might just be a bit surprised at the subject matter if they came here ever since i decided to speak up on more subjects than just hockey.

if you're here for hockey ... you'll still be able to see some of that, but mostly i have a higher mindset on most days around here. you're welcome to browse all you want though. you might just find more about me here than you would over at my hockey blog anyway. if you don't want to browse then be blessed on your journey anyway, and there's a link to my hockey blog over on the right there.

Happy Avinursary. what? that's how i say it.


Don said...

Congrats, Im from the south where hockey is a myth.


Everett Bracken said...

Being from the Southeast USA I never have gotten into hockey, but I am glad that you have continued to blog about other stuff too. Keep it up!

Mosaic Street said...

I love to watch hockey....but I like reading what you have to say here, more than the hockey....CONGRATS!