Monday, October 26, 2009


h/t to Solar Crash

i realize i put up my share of U2 vids here ... but this one actually features Mary J Blige and quite frankly the woman just blew me out of the water with her performance here. i've never been much of a fan of her work but this may cause me to take another listen.
i was home with a cold today and this brought a bit of light to a pounding skull. enjoy.

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thredd said...

you could put this up every hour on the hour every day : for the rest of the: year every year forever more: as far as i am concerned.
i wanted to find where i had blogged about this: when she first appeared singing this wit them: which i did no tsee: i was on "holiday" with such excrutiate pain/ in day room next to my room was huge telly. i refused to watch event. when i got home: i just caught the real footage: on yooo husband told me nothing about it knowing i was a huge mary mary quite contrary fan: and i also "think" i recall seeing the u2 and the bono vox when they first appeared in the states on the east coast.[but this could be someone else's really great description of their experience!]: i knew immediate it was her: just seeing her shadow: as she walked onto stage: and i started weeping. and then to watch her as she tried both to fit into their structure: and also make it her own. it was incredible: even looking at poor quality: streaming video. xo.eternal