Wednesday, October 21, 2009

150 posts in, not bad eh?

i think that's pretty good. in case you do some quick math as you note the archives you'll only see 148 posts listed but just know that there's 2 posts that have remained drafts because ... they're not for public consumption. sometimes i just talk to myself, to God, or to a particular person who isn't you. i'm still counting those posts and this is 150.

here's some stuff that's going on for me.

- i've caught a cold. this is brutal awful. i can't afford to be sick and Wendy can't afford to live with a sick person amidst all the other stuff of life that has to work around. i'm drinking tea, taking all sorts of vitamins in an attempt to quell the tide heading my way.
- Wendy will be taking a jaunt to visit her sister. this has been an awful year for Wendy and we haven't known if she'd be able to take ANY holiday time given her health needs. her sister brings joy to her life and i'm very pleased that she can get that although i'm always miserable when Wendy's away.
- i didn't sleep well a couple nights ago but it was because of some other exciting stuff going on for me
- i've applied to work a different job in the same division where i'm working. it's a lateral move but it also gets me more exposure to other facets of the same division. it can be an emotional risk because much of my emotional makeup can get wrapped up in how happy am i with the work that i'm doing.
- playoff football assignments have come out. if you're a long time reader you may recall my ordeal with my first Referee assignment, it was brutal. well, i guess i improved a lot because i was assigned 3 playoff Referee games including the Rural Manitoba High School Final and i'm under the distinct impression that i'll also get to be on the field for another High School Final (which i've never been priviledged to do).

blessings on your journey my cyber friends and fellow children as we stumble heavenward.


Everett Bracken said...

when you say football, i am assuming you mean "real" football and not soccer. am i right?

shallowfrozenwater said...

ha ... well kinda? it's not soccer but Canadian football is not American football either. we only have 3 downs, our field is longer and wider, we play 12 men on the field instead of 11 and our goalposts are actually on the field (right at the goalline). there are little tweaks to the game that are different to the one you love too.
it's a fantastic game. we pass more and we have more room to move the ball around more. our professional league is actually older than professional football in the States. it's also a lot colder outside here at this time of year than it is for you, so that changes the game too.