Friday, October 30, 2009

if i had a Twitter account

i don't. i just can't get past the name.

i'd tell you that Wendy is off to her sister's place (up at 4 am for a 630 flight) so i'm batching it for about 10 days. i feel sorry for the dog who'll miss Wendy and will have to rely on my memory to actually feed her on time.

Wendy flew into Victoria BC this morning, the same morning that the Olympic Flame is in town. i think it'll be a bit zoo-ish in Victoria today.

i'd point out that i'm reffing a High School Quarter Final tonight, reffing the Rural Manitoba Final tomorrow and i'm the Head Linesman at the Juvenile Final on Sunday. busy weekend.

i think i'll be assigned to my 1st ever Provincial High School Final in a couple weeks. i'm more than a bit excited at the prospect.

i got called to read scripture on Sunday and i advised that i'm coming off a cold and i will be spending all weekend yelling across a football field. i don't think i'll have much of a voice left on Sunday morning so i asked for a raincheck.

i asked a co-worker if she might consider becoming an official with us and she's considering it. way cool.

i managed to borrow a parking space at work today so that i can get to my game on time and it wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg to pay for parking all day.

i have 4 injured players on one of my fantasy hockey teams. that's a lot, especially since we don't allow subs in that league.

i'm getting LOTS of phone calls at work today which is fairly normal at the end of the month (every month).

i don't know if i'll be able to blog about much at my hockey blog this weekend given all the football stuff going on for me.


Al said...

If you twittered:
--you would have to have done so many times, since you can't post very long messages.
--you would have been more interesting in any one of those tweets (that word is even worse than twitter) than most of the inane, uninteresting babble that passes for intelligent information by the twits on twitter.
--you would have lost some of my respect for you. I also refuse to inundate the airwaves with such drivel.
(By the way, yes Victoria is a bit of a zoo--but the Olympics are another thing I am endeavoring to boycott. In another couple days the torch moves on and life gets back to normal here.

jstainer said...

Have a fun weekend, it sounds like it's going to be a busy one.

I find Twitter is great for me to get news around my city, non-violence information etc. Just need to setup the proper lists.

Slow'n'Steady said...

I twitter for the same reason I blog. But my comment here got so long, I made it into a blog post here:

shallowfrozenwater said...

further updates:
Wendy arrived in Victoria and she says that she's having a very good time although she had to deal with a migraine yesterday. she has had such a brutal year that i've been praying that this vacation would be a happy and healthy time for her. for the most part it is.
i have been assigned to my first ever High School Final on Nov 13. i will be the Side Judge at the 230pm game that day (there are 3 divisions and 3 finals that day). i'm pretty proud of the season i've had this year, particularly when i look at the first assignment i had as a ref.
my cold is still hanging on although i've been dosing it huge with vitamins for a couple weeks now.

Al said...

I hope your wife has a wonderful time here in paradise (although our rainy season is beginning). And I hope you survive well without her!

Anonymous said...
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