Thursday, October 29, 2009

the Macedonian man

Paul sees a vision during the night. he sees a Macedonian man, a Greek and he beckons Paul to come over there and help them. the church was still a toddler and it hadn't even dealt with its first real trial yet, but that trial would come soon enough as Paul worked his way west toward the homes and lives of Greeks and Romans. the toddling church was a bunch of ragtag Jews; fishermen and other poor folks, simple folks, but it would soon add cultures to the mix that were as alien to Jewish culture as mine is from their's right now.
Luke was a Greek. i've heard some argue that Luke was actually the Macedonian man from Paul's vision as he pondered what path he would go and was impacted by those ponderings as he slept. maybe it was Luke who imparted the need of Macedonia and who quite likely beckoned, "come over here and help us".
what is Paul without the Macedonian man? what is the church without the move into Greece and later Rome? the church builds in Greece, it's led to Rome where it is traditionally held that Peter becomes the first Pope. does Peter go to Rome if there is no church already there? do we have a church like one we have today if Peter doesn't go to Rome? do we have a church at all if Paul doesn't go to Macedonia? if Paul doesnt go west then perhaps he heads east and perhaps a young church has to battle other philosophies for prominence as it moves east. perhaps Christianity doesn't become a major religion at all. maybe, i'd be some sort of druid or something today, who knows really?
how much do i pay attention to "visions" in my own life? do i truly hear the small voice and do i act on it? how does that affect my own life and the life of this no longer toddling church?
maybe our little choices really do echo out over millenia. this decision certainly looks like it was more than just a restless night's sleep.


Lisa said...

hmm... some parallel thoughts to things I've been pondering today... thanks for sharing.

Steven Carr said...

Did people in the early church haev a lot of visions of people who weren't really there?

shallowfrozenwater said...

Lisa, thanks for coming by, as always you're welcome here.
Steven, it's recorded as a vision because Luke was there with him and Paul dreamt or had a vision to come to Macedonia. i think that perhaps Luke (who's telling the story) didn't want to be bragging on the fact that he was the Macedonian man in Paul's vision. thanks for coming by the blog.