Friday, October 9, 2009

what's out there?

i wish i wrote this blog. it pokes fun at everything about Christianity and we have WAYYYY too many sacred cows. i guess maybe i like irreverence without heresy, in other words ... take yourself less seriously.

here's another one for you. i love it when we can discuss something intelligently and have a little fun with it.

and another one.

this blog has been throwing down simple statements for a couple weeks now and i've just been enjoying most of them. one of the statements made me laugh out loud and i like to laugh.

i loved this and look for a post for my version of this sort of thing as soon as i can write something up that i like.

this post was like watching a trainwreck, you didn't want to see it but you just couldn't look away.


Al said...

Thanks for at least an hour's wasted time this Thanksgiving Day morning! Some great links, particularly stuffchristianculturelikes.

Don said...

I love finding clever new blogs, thanks for sharing these.

Christian Culture is drowning me.Both the time worn and the new and cool.

stephy said...

Hey, thanks for linking my blog and also for linking those other ones. I love them!

Christopher Maples said...

Thanks for linking my blog. Those were some amazing other blogs. Hilarious and thought provoking.