Friday, July 31, 2009

i know how to save a life

i've always liked this tune. interesting that i seem to be linking to tunes lately eh? whatever, that's not the point today.

i gave blood a couple days ago. i'm a regular donor and have been for several years now. i've endured newbie nurses drilling for oil and missing because i believe it to be important. i've even turned it into a race of sorts. i try to get my pulse rate down when the nurse checks amidst the miriad of questions she throws at you and then during the actual drilling for gold i concentrate really hard at bleeding and i've found that in 5 mins i can be done the formal vampiring (you realize that's a joke right?). of course you have to sit in the chair another 5 mins after that to make sure you don't faint through the experience but i've never been a fainter.
this time a cutey nurse completely missed the vein and all i heard was, "oops, sorry". that's all good though, i'm here because it's important to be here and i'll still be able to donate through the oops. so, my left arm is bruised up over the experience but ... i saved a life. seriously, i saved a life.

donating blood saves lives and it's only an hour of your life. step up. by the way, i don't watch Grey's Anatomy although this tune is apparently featured there regularly.

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Stainers said...

I've never given blood. In fact, I think the nearest place to do so is probably Edmonton which is at least 6 hours from where I live.

I passed up many an opportunity when I lived in Calgary though and it was only out of fear. Not sure how I would handle the giant pokey thing being rammed into my arm! Yikes!