Wednesday, July 22, 2009

what's out there?

do the hands and feet of Christ also have a voice? the church needs to speak out against injustice. i agree and am posting this because it must be said.

labyrinths hold a special spot in my spiritual development. i'm working on another post about this very link and it may even get posted before this one does.

actually, i reacted pretty strongly to this post. he talks about the 100 mile diet and then equates it to church shopping. he flat out says that he had a great experience going away for a weekend and attended a church 7 hrs from home that was the point of the trip. i'm pleased that his experience was great but i wanted to beg him to find that sort of experience locally. i didn't know how to comment to him appropriately so i said nothing. i'm still chewing on what and how i should say anything to him about this.

the First Nations need a strong leader. say some prayers.

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jstainer said...

I went to that site of the 100 mile diet. I think I can relate somewhat to what he is saying, but I also fully agree with you.

The problem is for many of us that sort of community we are looking for simply isn't there.

I 'think' the solution is rather then sit and longingly pine for a community far away, I should be starting that sort of community myself and inviting others to be a part of it.

It takes so much more energy and time to do it that way, and so I'm so very hesitant to do it, but really what other options are there that will make real change locally?

I started up a blog myself Ian, feel free to check it out. It will be a bit of a hodge-podge of thoughts, some similar to what you're writing here at times, and some a little different.