Wednesday, July 15, 2009

what's out there?

this is where i feel like i am today maybe i should read more Psalms, particularly the ones where David is fleeing from Saul.

i seem to be doing this linkage thing a lot but i think it speaks to the areas where i'm getting stuff that i like and incorporating it. if you've been linked in the past and you're reading now then let me just say thanks for what you've done for me already.

not that it makes any sort of difference whatsoever but the Pope confirms that the bones that are in the tomb of Paul the apostle actually are Paul's bones. ever read Act of God by Charles Templeton? it's a book about what happens to the church if some church funded archaeologist finds the bones of Jesus. great story but i can tell you where the bones of Jesus are if you ask me, Jesus still has them.

composting as a spiritual practice. very cool.

this brought some interesting thoughts to me about hell and the dark night of the soul. the Psalmist says that if i go down to Sheol, God is still there. is God in hell? is that the torment of hell? to see God and realize that you can't have him? that's just an aside though, i was more interested in being able to find God when the lights are out and the soul is dark, like in Sheol.

it's just not fair. how often i hear the complaining and too often i react that you shouldn't just be a victim like that. this reaction from this post is soooooooo much more graceful and relational that i have to change how i do this sort of thing.

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