Monday, July 13, 2009

what's out there?

my sister in law would LOVE this post ... i think, then again she may not like the breakdown of the tune in light of a Christian perspective. she loves Boney M, and this album in particular.

i'm loving much of the stuff found on nakedpastor. this reached me.

i've never met Lisa but i like how she writes and struggles like we all do. here she quotes Anne Lamott and i just gotta read more of that stuff. then she absolutely blew me away by quoting these lyrics.

some interesting thoughts by an apparent former atheist about what it's like to view the athiest and see the absence of life and hope. this is linked elsewhere so you'll have to dig deeper to discover the original author(s).

a recent link to a community here in Winnipeg revealed a more recent link to a community of believers in Kingston Ontario. i grew up about 45 minutes away from there so i have been very interested in just seeing this blog. i love finding blogs to church communities that i have even the smallest connection to, sometimes it's just geography and history. God bless The House Famous.

Abba, bless Brittany on her journey as she serves and grows in Congo for the next while. i get really excited for younger folks who get to go out and do stuff like this, it's where the growing edges really are. at least that's exactly where they were for me at that age and i remember those opportunities VERY fondly.

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Lisa said...

I'm glad you're liking the blog posts! Thanks again for stopping by :)

As for Anne Lamott, start with "Traveling Mercies" or maybe "Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith" She gets a bit too political for me at times, but I always pull her books off the shelf when I'm needing a reminder of people who can be earthy and honest in the midst of their faith.