Tuesday, July 7, 2009

what's out there?

this made me laugh and i need to laugh more. here's another one.

still testing to find out if i have interest in this but it's being linked on another blog that i frequent so i'm going to test it. i could make use of a free pdf book and the topic looks engaging.

Jordon Cooper has started a nice conversation about being Disappointed with the Emergent Village. nice conversation indeed, i've already commented.

St. Benedict's Table is an emergent group right here in Winnipeg that i've longed to go check out but there are other issues preventing that. anyway i found this two part podcast on Christian Rock and Church, music and art. Part I, and Part II. Steve Bell chimes in during Part II and Steve is an all time fave of mine.

Brother Maynard has started a new series on spiritual songs that get some play in secular music circles. of course U2 makes that list and there's a vid to see too. how long, to sing this song? is still going through my head. the song is 40 and it's taken from Psalm 40:1-3. man that's just freaky good.

just found this ... after i had already posted this. call it an addendum. funny.

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Stainers said...

Love 40, great song. Have used it with the youth I work with.