Wednesday, October 3, 2007

and away we go

not a lot to say today. it turns out that i have a church meeting tonight so it looks like i'll miss the Leafs/Sens tilt tonight. i hope to catch some of the 1st period before i have to go though. if i have any notes about it i'll try to blog about it in the near future.

just off the top of my head ...

Nik Antropov is going to get top line duty in Leaf-land. that's just sad. the man's career high for goals is 18 goals from last year. 18 goals? oh ok, let's line him up with Mats. dumb. the man doesn't skate well enough, shoot enough and his only value is on the few occasions he plants his large frame in front of the goalie and refuses to move.

Jordan Staal gets to line up with Sid the kid. go get him now, seriously, i'll wait. i think that Jordan will see a HUGE uptick in value this season.

Daymond Langkow doesn't get to line up with Jarome Iginla, that job's going to Craig Conroy. Conroy had 59 points as Iggy's C back in 2002 and the Flames really missed him after he signed in LA in '05. rumour has it that Iggy was asked last season what the Flames need to succeed and he unhesitatingly said, "Craig Conroy". here's hoping that Langkow can still have some value if he gets to line up with Kristian Huselius or someone with some skills.

there are still rumours out there that Jaroslav Halak will be traded to San Jose or maybe Edmonton soon. with the Carey Price era about to begin in Hab-land then there won't be room for Halak. if you haven't added Price to your roster by now ... it's too late. he'd be snapped up by somebody by now.

it seems that Paul Mara won't be playing the point on the PP in NY after all, at least not at first. it's being reported that Straka and Roszival will take PP1 point duties.

Chris Pronger has been named captain of the Ducks while Scott Niedermayer thinks about life, the universe and everything. if Nied's just read a little more then he'd know that answer to life, the universe and everything is ... 42. (you get that reference right guys? little Douglas Adams for you).

Sam Gagner looks to be staying in Oiler country. when i looked at the draft earlier this year he was one of the guys that i figured had a chance to fit in and contribute. it's not because he's more skilled, 'cause he isn't, it's because of opportunity.

it looks like Alexander Radulov is in the doghouse in Nashville already. sigh. i was expecting so much out of him. try to be patient, it could turn around. at least i hope it does.

the only Blue Jacket i'll put on my team this year is Rick Nash ... maybe David Vyborny who may have a deal with the devil considering how he can handle the puck sometimes.

Todd White is going to improve his stats immensely this season. he's getting a chance to play with some superstars in ATL.

i hope that Doug Weight is a good mentor. Brad Boyes needs that. i need it too since i have Boyes sitting on one of my teams.

Peter Mueller has SKILLS! and he'll get opportunity too. remember the Jr Championships last year? he and Jonathan Toews put on a show in the shoot-out. there doesn't appear to be any roadblocks to Mueller's development this year, unfortunately there isn't a mentor either, unless Wayne Gretzky counts, which i guess he does. Mueller's +/- will be abysmal but keeper leagues should have already targeted this guy.

that's all i have time for right now. thanks for coming out.

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