Monday, October 22, 2007

Bo, then Deion now Clark, the next 2 sport athlete

little time today but this is worth the 6 minutes you'll spend. i actually was laughing out loud in my cubicle while watching it, i'm sure that my co-workers figured i'm more of an idiot than they did previously.

Quick Hits

Darcy Tucker is out indefinitely. normally he's a very good option for PPG and PIMs. some are giving the Thrashers starting job to Hedberg automatically but i say that Ondrej Pavelic has a decent shot at the starting job while Lehtonen is shelved. no need to add Pavelic just yet but i'd be watching closely. Milan Hejduk is still hurt and Pavol Demitra is DTD for a bit. Bryan Berard is shelved with a groinage and when healthy is a nice source of PPP, if you can handle the poor +/- he'll undoubtedly give. Kevin Bieksa got his 1st of the year yesterday, the first of many. i read one blog where he called Bieksa the worst player in the NHL drawing a regular paycheck PUH-LEASE. Curtis Sanford got a start yesterday on the road in C-bus and got past a Columbus squad that has been limiting it's shots allowed due to a system put together by coach Ken Hitchcock. Hitch is one of the best hockey minds in the game and Philly made a HUGE mistake letting him go last year. Rick Nash has 5 goals and is gonna keep exploding.

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