Tuesday, October 16, 2007

sorry about that Chief

you get that title right? a little bit of agent 86 for ya? i titled it that because Jonathan Bernier has been sent back to the Q to straighten things out. the kid's only 19 so it's not like he's in a hurry to be the franchise goalie that i think he'll be, eventually. i'm more PO'd that one of my calls has fallen flat on itself like this. JS Aubin is a speculative add and it's thought he'll push Jason Labarbera for starts in LA. i think Labarba-papa has more skill but Aubin has more experience and could very well take the gig.

you watch baseball last night? my Jake Westbrook fears were certainly unfounded. he had that sinker WORKIN' last night and held off a more than significant Boston offense for a QS. Manny looks like he means business and Papi is always scary. did you see Papi get hit by a batted ball 'tween 2nd and 3rd? unforgiveable. horrid baserunning mistake at arguably the worst time. the game was still scoreless i believe or perhaps they were down 2 by that time but still you're not advancing on that ball anyway Papi. you gave away an out and possibly a run or maybe a rally. i'm sure that every Tribe fan says "thank you very much. now we're your daddy." ok maybe not and let's not go back to the "daddy" crap of the Boston/NY rivalry. good game though.
and how 'bout them Rockies? never been to a WS and getting their first crack at it now. oh and i'm sure that we'll hear from the D-Backs down the road too. i love CBY in CF, Byrnes played so far above his head all year it was unbelievable and Webb will by a CY contender ad infinitum. i was surprised they had the skills to get this far. how did they win like 90 games this season? guile. anyway, back to the Rocks. Francis is gonna be a stud pitcher, i just hope that the big pressure of the big game is a barrier he can get by, quick. no matter what AL team they face in the WS they're going to MASH. now it's not like the Rocks don't know how to rake either. Matt Holliday is an OF who doesn't get enough love for all that he does for his team. he's an MVP candidate but i'm sure he'll happily take a World Championship ahead of the accolades that get thrown around to individuals.
go Tribe (and i say that as a Jays fan, can't stand the Bosox).

why do people underestimate the Sabres offense? Derek Roy and Tim Connolly are adequate replacements for Drury and Briere. i've said it before that they won't score as much but they'll just have to rely on the rest of their top 6 forwards to pick up the slack. we still haven't heard much from Jason Pominville, just wait til he explodes. Tomas Vanek and Max Afinogenov are wannabe stars, and will be stars. Ales Kotalik had a 60 pt season two years ago, just wait for him to wake up too. things are just fine in Buffalo, although Darcy Regier (or however you spell his name) still cries wolf too much whenever something doesn't go his way.
there's no way that the Leafs should've given up the lead like they did, several times. they just take too many penalties and the winning goal went in as Bryan McCabe tried to clear it from in front of his own net but buried it like he was (insert witty simile here). yes i know that i'm actually supposed to think of a witty simile but i drew a blank like i was Paris Hilton on Letterman trying to understand why he was making fun of her.

JS Giguere was supposed to get the start for Anaheim last night and of course he didn't. i think it must be C-Dub's curse bearing down on me instead. dub is known for putting a guy in the lineup and then him getting himself a stinker for the day. despite that dub is one of the smartest fantasy players i know. incidentally, dub is working for ESPN as one of their "Answer Guys". good gig and he's well suited for it. Chris Kunitz, who i traded for yesterday, got himself a goal and an assist. he'll be in my lineup starting tomorrow.

big Joe Thornton got a goal and an assist last night too and was teamed up with Joe Pavelski and Jonathan Cheechoo. if that continues then Pavelski's value raises several ticks. now if only he were eligible on the wing since both he and Joe aren't able to both play C at the same time. both Brendan Morrison and Markus Naslund got more ice time than the twins did last night and if the non-twin line can contribute more offensively then the nucks offense should be just fine this season. it also looks like Ryan Kesler is getting more opportunity too. i've never really liked the guy but if he's getting a shot at ice time then he has value, if only he wasn't listed as a C too. if both Pavelski and Kesler get wing eligibility then their value goes up, as C's though, not so much.

i'm going to start working on another team review. don't know if it'll be available for my Wednesday deadline since i've barely started looking but i'd like to run reviews out there on Wednesdays. i'm thinking that i'll miss the deadline this week since it normally takes several hours to clunk my way through it.

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