Saturday, October 6, 2007


one of my favourite columns i wrote for TMR was an injury column 2 years ago when i dealt with my opinion of the uneven NHL schedule and the preponderence of divisional play, except i said it way cooler. i'm going to revisit that today.
i told the story of me and my buddy Paul growing up. Paul was the ultimate Habs fan and i was his equal except the Leafs were my team. we were the closest of friends and thinking back, i miss that friendship. i haven't returned to Brockville where i grew up in close to 10 years and prior to that we were each present for the other's wedding but still i definitely regret that we haven't been able to connect much as adults. anyway, Paul and i would get together and watch Hockey Night in Canada only on one occasion, whenever my Leafs would play his Habs. in fact we had a ritual whenever either team scored where that guy would do the most gross raspberry he could muster right in the face of the other guy (what can i say, we were young and gross). now bear in mind that this was during the Habs hey-day and my Leafs, stunk. i endured many an unwanted spit shower those years but who wouldn't endure that for their team?
my Leafs play the Habs in their first matchup of the season tonight. Paul, here's one for you buddy, PBBBBBBBBBBLT! these divisional games are just fine by me thank you very much. if the NHL wants to increase games with the other conference then i say they cut down on games with the other divisions in the same conference.
what do i know though, i'm just a hockey fan.
this is the long weekend (Thanksgiving) up here in Canada so i'm not sure how much more, if anything, i'll be able to put down here for the next couple days. my wife and i went to the movies last night so i didn't get to see any puck at all. nice night out with the wife though. you guys should give that a try.

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Anonymous said...

Great writing as usual. Glad you've started the blog since we miss the weekly TMR columns.