Thursday, October 18, 2007

not much to say

go ahead and fire off an email if you want your team reviewed here in the blog. i have a queue started up already but there's always room for more options and it is a long season after all.

Anze ain't no pansy. he's got some skill and he's going to be a very good option. +/- is going to be a problem for a while unless the Kings learn to play D better but still, you won't be walking all over Anze.
there were only a couple games last night and i was in a church meeting all eve so i only got to see some hilites after the fact. how is that Devils goal not waived off? the Devils were crashing the net huge and the puck laid there to be pocketed but it didn't look like Fleury had any chance to make a play with all the legs and arms in the way. i think i'm just bitter because i started Fleury in my work league and i really need wins in that one. Emery is my other starting goalie so i'm not doing very well in the goalie stats.
JS Giguere got a win last night, good to see. you'll see plenty of those. i personally ranked Giguere as the #4 fantasy goalie option this year and have been hurt by the fact that he hasn't been able to play up until now. i shall be redeemed, proven right, vindicated, whatever the word is that i'm searching for here.

i'm working as a Back Umpire at a high school football playoff game tonight. guys, if you have some time on your hands become an official. you really will love it and you'll be helping out your community. as the Back Ump i have to focus on all the deep stuff and the golden rule is don't let anybody past you. when these guys are 17 and you're twice that age (plus a little more) then that means that you have to make sure to give yourself a cushion. we'll see how it goes.
i've been searching the local tv coverage online this season to see if i can find a shot of me calling a touchdown or perhaps getting laid out by a lead block coming around the end. nothing so far but if i find it i'm going to throw in a link or maybe even embed it into this blog.
i also ump baseball too and have even had the honour of working two Western Canadian AA Championships (for teens, not actual AA Championships which would be cool).
gots to be going. if you hear about an official getting laid out by a couple wideouts in a deep crossing pattern then who knows, it might be me.

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