Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday morning armchair

Scott Walker left the game with a torso injury of some kind a couple days ago, apparently it didn't look pretty at all. the Canes lost in Philly last night and Walker didn't play. i picked Walker as a very viable RW3 in deeper leagues and in fact had been recommending him to a poster on the Rotopass board earlier this week. i haven't been able to get any more info other than "it didn't look good" since it happened. bear in mind that Walker can be turfed to the wire fairly easily if you can't wait for the Canes to IR him. in H2H leagues you should've already done so.
in the "Sid vs. Alex" battle last night Sid got an assist on the winning PP goal, MA Fleury was the star of the game and both Sid and Alex were continued to ask how many times they spoke since the last time they played each other, like they were huge buddies or something.
Manny Fernandez outdueled Henrik Lundqvist in a scoreless shootout win last night. how does Phil Kessel get to be the 2nd star when his team doesn't score and he only had 1 SOG? whatever. Manny may just be taking the lead in the goalie battle in Boston after that game. i've never much liked Tim Thomas as an option anyway. the Bruins are 5-2 by the way, good on them i guess but i don't want any team in the Northeast doing well except my Leafs so i think i'll just be giving the Bruins the evil eye until they realize that they're really not this good anyway.
Ray Emery is back baby! he's going to take the job folks so unload Martin Gerber in your league unless you have him for the express purpose of handcuffing him to Emery. the Sens have a solid week off and they're retreating to a resort for a few days of chemistry building. it's also going to do a LOT of good for Emery's strength building in that wrist. if you thought the Sens were scary before what about after they deal Gerber for some MORE scoring? also note that personal fave Chris Neil had himself a dominating night garnering the 1st star selection and serving up an assist.
the Islanders offense is all smoke and mirrors. i'm not buying into Mike Comrie, Bill Guerin, Ruslan Fedotenko or Miroslav Satan. if you're hoping for this to continue and staking your fantasy team's fortune on one or more of them then i think you're in store for a big crash and burn. that doesn't mean that i'm not interested in all Isles though; i like their D, roster some of them, and i love Rick DiPietro in all leagues.
Montreal beat Buffalo last night. ptui and ptui on both teams. i don't see how Montreal pulls this off either. they're too small and they don't have a single reliable superstar on their roster. they do have a bunch of very good guys and a handful of guys who've shown real brilliance but still, i don't see it maintaining over the course of a season.
Patrick Kane is going to be very good. i caught some of the debacle in Toronto last night but i was a bit distracted by the baseball game too and i was still trying to recoop from trying to keep my traction in a mud bowl football game i was officiating in yesterday afternoon but still, the Leafs shouldn't have given that game up like they did. Don Cherry said something after the game that i actually agreed with (and that hardly ever happens). he said that Mats Sundin shouldn't be killing penalties. he's right. Mats already is out there in EVERY other situation imaginable and the Leafs should put some other guys out there to kill penalties, like Stajan and Steen perhaps, Wellwood when he's healthy.
defensive mishaps continue for Atlanta, maybe not as many as Toronto but still they continue. Atlanta got spanked by Tampa Bay last night. Lecavalier got 2 pts, Prospal 3 pts and St. Louis 3 pts. Waddell needs to find a coach quick, he doesn't belong back there and the sooner that somebody rights their ship then they'll be fine. it's going to mean a real trainwreck for the Thrashers this season though.
Marty Turco had himself a nice night getting the win against the defending champs. JS Giguere got the hook. i don't like the look of that Giguere situation. i think Anaheim needs to bring back at least one of Selanne or Niedermayer soon before the gap gets too large in the Pacific Division. maybe all they need is a healthy Mathieu Schneider for now though. well anyway, the Ducks are going to be fine, make the playoffs and they'll be heard from late into the year. in that game last night people often forget about a guy like Mike Ribeiro who helps his team more than people realize. he can be a really nice add as a C3 since he gets significant PP time and his defensive play is helped a lot by playing on a defensively responsible team.
the goalie rotation continues in Minnesota and Josh Harding is going to have significant value in fantasy before the season is out. i had been thinking he'd get 25 starts or so but it could be that the splits go as high as 50/50 for the Wild. nobody talks about the Wild much but they're the closest team to me geographically and quite honestly, if Marian Gaborik is healthy then they are going to go a very long way. i peg Gabby for 50 goals and a league leader in scoring this season, and i got him in a keeper league too. SWEET.
Detroit beat up on Phoenix last night. YAWN. Nik Lidstrom put up 27 minutes of ice time. go figure. Henrik Zetterberg had 7 shots and went 1 and 1. Detroit might very well be a world beater ... again ... and again. they very nearly got past Anaheim last year in the playoffs and probably would've if Zetterberg had been 100%, which he wasn't. i'm not a Wing fan but you have to love the talent they stack up every night of the week. oh and Jimmy Howard is waiting in the wings (pun intended) to solidify their goaltending for the next decade too (keepers take note).
Mike Keenan goes into every game making sure that his team gets the first goal at home. his D pinches, they press harder and they do their best to put the boots to whoever they're playing right off the bat. the Flames played the Oil last night in the ongoing battle of Alberta and Dustin Penner takes a hooking minor 9 seconds into the game. thank you very much says Kristian Huselius less than a minute later scoring his 6th goal of the season on the PP. Huselius is a guy i don't get. he did absolutely nothing as a Panther and then turns into a 30 goal scorer in Calgary. maybe being under Keenan again will slow him down, and yet i don't think so. i don't think you'd be able to land this guy cheaply for your own team but if you have a spare winger to offer up for him or some excess elsewhere on your roster then it never hurts to have an extra 30 goals at LW where you'll have trouble finding it otherwise.
Jeremy Roenick (still an idiot) scored his 3rd last night. i can't believe he's still getting PP time but i have an inkling that even I would be able to score on the power play if Joe Thornton is on the ice with me. i'd still be ignoring Roenick for your fantasy team. seriously, look elsewhere. it seems that Mike Grier garnered 20 minutes of ice time last night, i just wish that big Joe wouldn't have to be required to have chemistry with 10 different forwards on that roster. Evgeni (call me Gene) Nabokov shut the door all night against the Preds and is ... well he's pretty good i guess eh?

got back from church this morning and it was amazing. life is hard my friends but let me just say that seekers, find. i'm going to enjoy my Sunday afternoon with my wife.

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