Monday, October 15, 2007

made a trade yesterday

i couldn't stand that my team wasn't shaping up how i wanted them too and i was languishing at the bottom of the standings so i ignored my own advice to wait until guys had a chance to contribute and i threw some offers out there. the league is my work league, full of people who know their hockey but are less familiar with the game engine and how to win. that didn't prevent two of them (out of 16) beating me last year though.
anyway, here's my team. i didn't much like my LW options, i figure my goaltending will be fine once Emery is back and i was lagging in SOG. we start 3 at each forward slot, 6D, 2G.

C Crosby, Drury, Sundin, J. Staal
LW Sturm, Carcillo, Si. Gagne
RW Neil, Stafford, C. Clark, Radulov
D Liles, Zubov, Kaberle, Paetsch, Campoli, Rachunek
G Fleury, Emery, Price, Halak
IR Weber

before the season began i traded away Steve Avery to land myself Simon Gagne. that really helped my LW situation a lot and i figured i had plenty of PIMs to spare with personal fave Chris Neil and FA pickup Carcillo rostered. i'm still not happy with rostering Marco Sturm though and i had PIMs out the wazoo, so i offered Carcillo/Zubov to Vincent in my pool for Kunitz/Timonen. he accepted without countering.
the way i see it Zubov for Timonen is a wash. i expect Philly to be among the most improved on the season and overall offense for the two triggers is going to be about the same. the part i like best about the deal is Kunitz for Carcillo. i was projecting 20-30 pts out of Carcillo along with 200 PIMs but i'm expecting that Kunitz will equal that pt output in goals alone and i can always offset with an extra PIMy D if i slip in PIMs overall.
i love the deal for me. thank you for the contribution Vincent.
i also considered putting my fantasy money where my mouth is by offering up Price and a winger to try and land Bernier and a more SOGgy winger but i got scared off by the idea. i presently have another offer on the table to someone else in that league but i'm not going to mention it because some people in that league also read this blog on occasion.
as Emery starts to play now i expect i'll start jumping up the standings as i get away from essentially starting one goaltender all the time.

i don't have much to say about the hockey games yesterday, i actually watched my Saints playing on Sunday Night Football. Reggie Bush is looking more and more like a perimeter guy who if he's teamed up with a solid smash-mouth back (not unlike Deuce McAllister) then he can be a more than adequate diversion so that both backs contribute a ton.
oh and i made sure to catch the dominating Rockies beating up on the D-backs in the rain in Denver too. who'da thunk that we may actually see the Rocks in the Serious eh? i'm pulling for a Rockies/Tribe Serious, simply because i can't stand the Red Sox. i have some concerns about Jake Westbrook starting for the Tribe tonight though. SERIOUS concerns, and i don't mean that in a good way.

i got a couple emails today asking who is the best option as a replacement for Sean Avery and for Paul Mara. there weren't a lot of great choices on the list but i suggested he look for Jeff Hamilton in his points league if he needed a replacement C and if not then the guy i liked best on the list was Daniel Carcillo. i'm telling you guys he'll contribute more than many realize. as for the D replacement i picked Chris Campoli for him. Campoli is really underrated and could surprise.

Josh Harding got a shutout yesterday and man does that kid not get ANY print whatsoever. now Niklas Backstrom already has 2 shutties on this young season but you just know that when Nikl-back wants to get paid that the Wild will just hand the reins to the next young kid and see what they can get for their goalie, just like they've done with their last 2 starting goalies (Fernandez and Roloson). smart hockey on a budget and it lets them keep stars like Gaborik, Demitra, and Rolston around longer. JS Giguere started for the Ducks in that game and played well enough to win except his boys couldn't find the back of the net. there was an interesting development tween Derek (the Boogie man) Boogaard and George (porn moustache) Parros where Parros wanted to drop the mitts and Boogie skated away only to line up with Brad May and drop'em with him. Boogie later squared off with Parros and dropped the mitts again. they say that Boogaard is the scariest fighter in hockey, i know that i wouldn't contradict him if i met him on the street (what? no i don't need that parking spot Mr Boogie man, i'm only an hour late now. i'll just drive around the block and waste another quarter tank of gas).

in my first team review on this blog i suggested to the reader that he try to trade for Mike Cammalleri. i actually didn't hear back as to whether he was able to get him back or not. i hope he did. Camm is tied with Dany Heatley for the goal-scoring lead in the NHL, and that despite the fact that the Kings can't seem to buy a win anymore. if you believe in the Kings (and i still do) then the time couldn't be better to make a move on Jonathan Bernier. don't offer very much though. whatever would Bernier do if the Kings traded for Christobal Huet or something?
y'know who you don't have a shot at getting anymore? Tomas Holmstrom. he'll get 40 and like i've said before 2/3rds will be of the garbage variety. oh and Henrik Zetterberg is an MVP that doesn't get considered and Pavol Datsyuk is a magician (now you see the puck, now you don't). Kris Draper has 4 goals and is a great 2 way option for any NHL team. he's much less valuable in fantasy though.

i keep reading on other sites/blogs that Ed Jovanovski or Derek Morris will be moved to NYR or Philly. either would be valuable on either team and the Yotes could sure use anyone with skill back. i still wonder if they can get Al Montoya out of the Rangers system, that'd be a sweet move.


Anonymous said...

What the Heck...I traded my starter for Bernier(MOT) and now he's back on the farm? Still my opinion that LA needs a proven starter. Bryzgalov maybe?

Mad Dog

Anonymous said...

That should have read (Not) My typing sucks!