Thursday, October 25, 2007

what you looking at?

watch the baseball game last night? i didn't. i wanted to but decided to go out to the movies with a buddy instead. we went to see Transformers. i know, i know it's been out for months and should go to video any day now but there's a cheapie movie theatre that i go to here in the Peg. if you're looking for a movie review, you're not getting one, other than i didn't really like the movie much. there's no way that the hot chick even has anything to do with the high school dweeb though. that's a different blog though. i came back from the movie to see that the Evil Empire Red Sox were wayyyyy up and had put down a spanking on a couple kid Rockies last night. i stopped watching soon after i started. turned it on to Letterman instead. gotta love the Top Ten before you crash for the night eh?

anyway, a little hockey for you. i've been searching around at some blogs i've found and i'm seeing a lot of homer-itis. what's the point of blogging about your favourite team only? what use is that to anyone? i'll try to provide some competent advice about fantasy hockey for you and i'll try to broadbase it as much as i can. you don't want to read about my favourite team all the time and i don't really want to just write about them. it's more interesting to me to try and help people figure out how to an NHL fan and use that kick their buddie's asses in their fantasy league.

Chris Clark. he hadn't been heard from until last night, want to know why? he was just put on Alex Ovechkin's line again. that move is going to create more room for AO as Clarkie clogs up the front of the net or bangs around in the corners. Clark got himself 2 last night and they both count even though the 2nd one Foligno'd off of his skate. i say that because Mike Foligno used to score the garbagest of goals (that is so a word, i just made it up). i remember a playoff game where Foligno was trying to regain his balance in front of the net, leaned over and the puck caromed off his ass into the opponent's net. classic moment. Clark is a Foligno type, except with more skill and plenty of PIMs opportunity.
there was a rare Vinny Lecavalier fight with Shaone Morrissonn (dude's got way too many letters in his name). Vinny scored himself 19 PIMs. now that he's got that out of the way he can take those knuckles and snap himself the 50 goals i'm expecting out of him. i actually saw some rankings with Vinny in the 2nd round this season. i personally snapped him up at the bottom of the 1st round in a keeper league and i thought i had myself a steal. and i did.

why are people worried about the Sabres? yes they only have a couple wins on the season but Ryan Miller is a great goalie, they still have most of their young snipers and they have adequate replacements to pass them the puck. they got beat up by the Canes last night but the Hurricanes aren't the same team they were last year. Cam Ward may take a run at the Vezina trophy the way he's playing and wins are going to be plentiful. Jason Pominville with 2 goals (easily projecting 30 on the season) and Eric Staal with 3 pts (this might be the year he's a scoring leader and is well over 100 pts).

Vancouver/Detroit was on tv last night while i squirmed in my theatre seat and tried to figure which guy was an autobot and who was a decepticon. apparently Dom Hasek was taken out of the game at some time and Chris Osgood faced zero shots while he was on the ice. i couldn't find a reason why that was, but it was. Sami Salo debuted for the Nucks. Sami is extremely underrated, has a more than decent blast from the point and sees the ice very well. Salo shouldn't be on your waiver wire but if he is then snap him up. in the very least activate him, i'm expecting goals in the teens for him again, if he's healthy. Tomas Holmstrom is already what Chris Clark wants to be and what Mike Foligno never even dreamt of being.

did i blog that i read somewhere that Mike Knuble has been taken off Gagne/Briere's line and replaced by Joffrey Lupul? it's true best i can tell. if you want to make a play for Lupul then nows a good time since his value is about to go up again. to start the season both Mike Richards and Jeff Carter were on many waiver wires. they aren't anymore and they won't be seen there for a LOOOOOOOOOONG time. they got skills and provide a more than adequate secondary scoring for the Flyers, who i can't stand but have to admit that they're going a long way this year. Simon Gagne was staring at cartoon birdies after getting rocked by Jay Bouwmeester last night. he'll be fine, i hope. i have no news so it may just be wishful thinking. speaking of Bouwmeester, i LOVE the Cats D. they have themselves a stableful of stud D for the next decade. oh and Olli Jokinen is fab too don't you think? he looks weird though. still dude can score and shoots a ton so he can be on my team anytime.

Calgary handed Minny it's first "real" loss. they loss previously in a shootout but this one was a real loss. the Wild had a 3-0 lead after 1 and the Flames scored 5 unanswered by the end of the night, only 1 on the PP. Iginla with 3 pts, Tanguay with 3 (about time), Phaneuf absolutely destroyed Veilleux in a fight and underrated Aucoin chipped in a couple assists while leading his team in ice time. Kipper bounced back from getting pulled in San Jose the other night and held off the Wild for 2 periods. that's what star goalies do. some are pretty down on Kip but don't you be!

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