Friday, October 19, 2007

boxscore blogging and links i like

i've been doing a little looking around at some hockey blogs out there but i don't want to just link to any schmoe with half an opinion. i've added to my links on the side and will add more as i find places that interest me. i figure if i link to a blog or a site then it has to deal with fantasy hockey or at least have something that interests me.
i've met all the hockey guys (and girl) over at ESPN fantasy sports, had beer with them and talked puck. they have all the respect i can muster. i've linked over to them because they continue to write and it's looking like ESPN does want to be involved in hockey again. have you checked out ESPN the mag? there is more hockey in it of late. they are still putting out tripe about how the NHL needs a strong winning team in New York in order to survive but let me tell you folks, the NHL is just fine in all these other markets. in fact i couldn't care less if the NHL succeeds in NY, bring the back to places like Winnipeg. i've said it before, why would the NHL need to search for 30,000 fans in Houston or Kansas City when they'd easily hook 300,000 fans in Winnipeg? ah well, the rant will continue no doubt.

y'know what guys? go put an offer to the guy in your league who has Marian Hossa or Ilya Kovalchuk. yes, Atlanta is a mess but Waddell needs to win in order to justify his dismissal of Hartley and the only way he's going to do that is by riding his horses. i'm saying now that Hossa and Kovalchuk are about to blow up. their ice time will be going up and their stats along with it. now the team defense is still going to be awful, their franchise goaltender still looks to have a serious case of "just-been-hooked by the manager"-itis and there doesn't seem to be a secure option for secondary scoring but still, Hossa and Kovy are going to go off.

it seems that MA Bergeron was a healthy scratch last night and what happens? Bryan Berard and Chris Campoli secure 3 and 4 pts respectfully for themselves. Berard had 7 SOG too. Berard has been a PP specialist for several years now and i still have serious concerns about his play at even strength since he really can't see much at all out of one eye but nevertheless if he can keep the +/- respectable then the PPP that he'll add to a roster are HUGE. if Bergeron is going to come back and take some PP ice time away i think it's going to be at Campoli's expense and in fact i just ditched Campoli in one of my leagues yesterday, just before he gave me 4 assists. i hope i don't regret claiming Mark Streit over Campoli, i doubt i will.

Boston beat up on TB last night. have you noticed that the Bruins are playing respectably? and Tim Thomas is showing something. i'm still not a believer in Thomas and like Fernandez more than him long term but if you can take advantage of the hot hand in Thomas then do that.

Carey Price didn't look bad at all. 2 starts on the season, he's faced Pitt and now Ottawa and he didn't look out of place. with all this talk about the Kings goaltending being a problem then why not make a run at Huet instead of letting the Habs ply Halak to them? i have Price on one of my teams with the hope that he gets the gig eventually this year. that'd be sweet, even if he plays for the Habitants (ptui).

Peter Mueller got his first of many in his career last night. kid's got skill but his +/- is going to kill all fantasy value he'll have this season. i have Dwayne Roloson as a G3 in one league and i decided to play him last night (i seldom would start him) because he was facing the Yotes. got me a win too. that always helps.

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